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We are a team of MARA registered agents: Joey, Lesley & Wilma.

WILMA (photo pending)




and Our offshore (non-Mara) agent, Ruan





Our Competitive Advantage – knowledge, experience, success

Call Australia Home Migration is a boutique company specialising in Australian migration law. Our standard is set high, the service you receive is up to date, knowledgeable, accurate, based on the latest migration legislation and in your best interest. We only contract when we are very confident the application will succeed. The agent you sign with, is the person you talk to and who manages your file from start to finish.

From the moment you contract with us, you will know what makes Call Australia Home Migration unique. We evaluate, advise, plan, prepare, and communicate with you. Our knowledge of migration law is extensive, we are highly experienced and have exceptionally high application success rates. Our pre-contract assessments of your migration eligibility is extensive. We prepare and lodge visas on time and give you feedback through the process. You will have peace of mind and are assured that we can be reached when you need to talk to us. We take our role as your migration agent serious. We proudly attach our names to your application.

What is right for you

Potential migrants want to know that their agent is qualified, registered and will do what is contracted to do. When you part with your hard-earned money you want to know you will receive what you are paying for. You have that assurance with Call Australia Home Migration. Our professional fees are competitive with no hidden fees. We prepare our advice letters to suit your specific circumstances and we strategise with the whole picture in mind. Often migrants only find out after arriving in Australia that the visa they are on, or the occupation chosen does not align with what is best for them and may undermine obtaining permanent residency. We plan from the beginning so you have the confidence that the visa and occupation is correct for your specific situation.

Our advice letters are clear and to the point. Complex cases may require a non-refundable retainer before we disclose our intellectual property (i.e. specific pathway), etc. Ask us as fees may apply to different levels of advice given.

ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE – please complete our online questionnaire for an assessment. We will email you the assessment.

Individual Attention

We purposely choose to remain a boutique business so we can offer individual attention to our contracted clients. We believe in walking with our clients, you are a person to us, not a $ amount attached to a file number. We believe by providing you with our best service, is the key to our successful business – you will be our best advertisement.


Code of Conduct

Registered Agents’ Code of Conduct. https://www.mara.gov.au/becoming-an-agent/professional-standards-and-obligations/code-of-conduct/



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  1. Hi Joey and Team

    I contacted you guys quite a few years ago out of curiosity of fees etc, but really have no idea what I did with it. However, we are seriously looking at the possibility of migrating to Australia now, from South Africa. We have kids that we need to think of.

    Please let me know what we need to do? I can maybe send you our CV that you can have a look at it, and let me know if there is a way that we can go over?

  2. Dear reader.

    I am considering moving to Australia and I need the help of a legit agency. At this point I am trying to get as much information as possible and your help is appreciated.

    Clyde Botha

  3. I am a 62 year old widow living in SA. My son, brother and sister all live in Australia and I can no longer cope being on my own in SA. I have a 44 year old daughter who would also be interested in going as we have no family left in SA. She is a highly qualified PA and I am retired. My family are prepared to take care of me financially. I have a current 3 year 8501 visitors visa. Any suggestions on how I could apply to join my family? Could I use the current visa to stay there for the time my visa is valid if I leave the country for a few day after 3 months and then apply while I am there? Kind regards Laureen van Rooyen

  4. Good day,

    I am a Registered Nurse with a 4 year Diploma.
    We want to emigrate to Australia by the end of this year if possible and need an agent to start application asap.

    Can you please contact me.

  5. Good day. How much is the cost of helping me and my family to immigrate from South Africa to Australia.

  6. Hi there

    Im an orthopaedic Surgeon working at hervey bay hospital wanting to proceed with a PR visa – im on a 457

    A colleague Debbie Van Niekerk got her 190 through you and thoroughly recommende d you – she dealt with Joey Barnard

    Thanks for your help

    Navi Bali
    0450 427765

  7. Good day. Our family are desperate to get out of South Africa. I have beenself employed for more that 13 years. My wife has been in a financial manager for many years at Nedbank. She is qualified and registered with CIS (Chartered Institute of company secretaries. I have been doing project management in various African countries on VNA racking systems. I also have a few OHS certifications. My Wife is 43 and I am 38 years old. We have two children of 4 and 13. Do we have any chance?

  8. I am an farmer based in South Africa. I own my own farm i am only 27 years old and am married with one child on they way.
    Looking to migrate for a better and safer future for my wife and child.

  9. Hi Joey,

    We got your details from the Aussiekaners Facebook page. We are currently considering moving to Australia and would like to find out how the process works. I am a qualified Quantity Surveyor and is 40 yrs old. I have 23 yrs experience in the building industry, of which 13 yrs I ran my own company. I have a wife with two kids.

    Please contact me with more information regarding this.

  10. Good day. I received my Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the North West University Potchefstroom in 2017, I am thus a qualified secondary teacher. I would like to apply to immigrate to Australia as a teacher, but I don’t have working experience as a teacher yet. Is it possible to apply without work experience as a teacher? I have done the 10 weeks of practical under supervision at high schools for my qualification.

  11. Good day team,

    Trust you all well.

    I got your details from one of my family members in Melbourne regarding assistance in helping first with a working Visa and employment and immigrating to Australia.

    Could you please assist me with the above.


    Jacqui Coetzee

  12. Good day
    I am from Pretoria and wish to speak to an agent regards to immigration to Australia (Brisbane) I am not sure that I meet the critreria as don’t have any degree but have many years of experience .
    How ever if possible can an agent contact me for further discussions and alternative options
    May God Bless you
    My contact number (+27) 0760350540

  13. Hi good day
    As a South African family we have decided to start with our immigration process
    We have been scammed twice now with hocus agents any assistance will be great

  14. Please can you forward me the relevant information so i can apply for a skilled VISA?
    or maybe a contact number so i can contact you?
    are any of your agents based in South Africa?

  15. Good day
    My husband and I want to migrate to Australia from South Africa.

    I will appreciate it if you can assist me with information regarding this matter.

    Kind Regards
    Aldine Erasmus

  16. Hallo.

    Wil graag uitvind of daat geleenthede is vir boere in Australia? Ons het tans ons eie plaas en besluit om dalk te immigreer. ( so hard gewerk aan die bietjie wat ons het en moeilik om te los). My man het n rooi seel in dieselwerktuigkundige maar het nie op datum gebly met die nuwe tegnologie nie. Al wat hy kan is boer. Ek het nie verder studeer nie maar het wel algemene kantoorwerk gedoen. Huidiglik boer en werk ons self. Ek meestal met skape. . Dink jy daar is plek vir ons?

  17. Hi Joey I am a artist in South African and would like to know if you can help me and my kids with the process to immigrate to Australia. Well see if it is possible and what the cost will be. Its really bad in South Africa as you know, and I really don’t think it will get any better soon. Looking forward to hear from you. Kind Regards Charlene Louw

  18. Good evening, l was given your details by a friend who has moved to Australia six years ago. I am at this stage trying to find out more about the relocation process to Australia. We have in no way decided to move, but we would like to find out more about the process. I am a carpenter and my wife is an accountant. We have a daughter in grade 11, and a son in grade 9. I am 49 years old and my wife is 47. Would we at all qualify to move? We will get more information as we go along. Regards Kobus van den Berg

  19. Hi
    I would like to start the process of imigrating to australia.
    Ive been informed by a lot of people already there youre group is the most helpfull
    Please assist me regards

  20. Hello from South Africa. I would like perminant residency in Australia for my Wife 4 year old daughter and myself. Please can you assess what is the best way for us to do so? Thank you in advance

  21. Good day

    Can you please advise me on the costs involved in a skills migration visa as well as the cost of assessment to see f I will qualify as I do not have a degree.
    Also is Humanitarian Visa an option for me?

    Country : South Africa

    Contact number:0613557733

  22. Hi there. We are interested in immigrating to Australia, just don’t know where to start. Some basic info:
    I’m 33, working as a Operator at a platinum refinery for 7 years.I only got a matric certification with math and science. Wife is 32, working as a bookkeeper for 4years.Has a bookkeeper certification. We have a 9 month old daughter. What are your views and advice on proceeding?

  23. Hallo Joey,
    Thanks for the feedback to my previous mail. We would like to clarify the best option from the information at hand. We hold the following visa:
    Visa Stream: Tourist
    Grant date: 20 March 2018
    Stay For/Until: 3Month (s)
    Entries: Multiple
    Last Date to Arrive: 20 March 2021
    Conditions: 8101 – No Work
    8201 – Max 3 Months Study
    STEP 1. Wait until I’m 65Y6M old then travel to Aus on the afore visa.
    STEP 2. Apply for visa SC864 while in Aus.
    STEP 3. Apply for onshore bridging visa BVB to be able to travel offshore (and work in Aus ?) while waiting for SC864 to be granted
    – Not sure how long we’ll have to wait after applied for SC864 before we could apply for BVB.
    Please also advise us of the following:
    – Waiting periods for these visas
    – Will we be able to work in Aus based on the afore procedures
    – Would you be able to assist us and your fees
    – Other costs involved
    – Are there any reduced fees for the elderly when taking pets.
    – How does the medical aid work while waiting; SA vs Aus
    – Any other requirements or information
    Just to add. Linda and I own a small registered cupboard installation company and have been doing installations of kitchen, bedroom and other cupboards for a number of years. We do not hold any carpentry certificates, as it is not a requirement in SA but we have a professional website and testimonials from clients of our work. Not sure if this would be of any benefit to find work in Aus. My son is a qualified CA in Aus and is considering setting-up this type of business additionally.
    Kind regards
    Leon & Linda

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