About us

We are a team of MARA registered agents: Joey, Lesley, & Sonja





and Our offshore (non-Mara) agent, Ruan





Our Competitive Advantage – knowledge, experience, success

Call Australia Home Migration is a boutique company specialising in Australian migration law. Our standard is set high, the service you receive is up to date, knowledgeable, accurate, based on the latest migration legislation and in your best interest. We only contract when we are very confident the application will succeed. The agent you sign with, is the person you talk to and who manages your file from start to finish.

From the moment you contract with us, you will know what makes Call Australia Home Migration unique. We evaluate, advise, plan, prepare, and communicate with you. Our knowledge of migration law is extensive, we are highly experienced and have exceptionally high application success rates. Our pre-contract assessments of your migration eligibility is extensive. We prepare and lodge visas on time and give you feedback through the process. You will have peace of mind and are assured that we can be reached when you need to talk to us. We take our role as your migration agent serious. We proudly attach our names to your application.

What is right for you

Potential migrants want to know that their agent is qualified, registered and will do what is contracted to do. When you part with your hard-earned money you want to know you will receive what you are paying for. You have that assurance with Call Australia Home Migration. Our professional fees are competitive with no hidden fees. We prepare our advice letters to suit your specific circumstances and we strategise with the whole picture in mind. Often migrants only find out after arriving in Australia that the visa they are on, or the occupation chosen does not align with what is best for them and may undermine obtaining permanent residency. We plan from the beginning so you have the confidence that the visa and occupation is correct for your specific situation.

Our advice letters are clear and to the point. Complex cases may require a non-refundable retainer before we disclose our intellectual property (i.e. specific pathway), etc. Ask us as fees may apply to different levels of advice given.

Individual Attention

We purposely choose to remain a boutique business so we can offer individual attention to our contracted clients. We believe in walking with our clients, you are a person to us, not a $ amount attached to a file number. We believe by providing you with our best service, is the key to our successful business – you will be our best advertisement.


Code of Conduct

Registered Agents’ Code of Conduct. https://www.mara.gov.au/becoming-an-agent/professional-standards-and-obligations/code-of-conduct/



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  1. Good morning

    My family and I would like to immigrate to Australia.
    Please advise if you can assist us in any way?
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  2. My family and I are interested in immigrating to Australia. Can you assist us please? We are currently living in Ireland. Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi guys i need you’re help please i want to launch my permanent residency can you assist me please and tell me what the costs are so that i can get everything in order.
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