Skilled migration underwent extensive changes on 17/4/2017, most of which will be implemented from 1/3/2018. Be sure to ask our agents to assess your specific circumstances and to advise how these changes affect you.

Some changes include:

  • new skilled lists
  • caveats on certain occupations
  • removal of more than 200 occupations from the skilled lists
  • new Temporary skilled visa to replace the sc457 from 1/3/2018
  • age ceiling lowered to under 45 for permanent skilled (e.g. sc186 Direct Entry & sc187 Direct Entry from 1/7/2018)
  • Limited pathway to permanent residency

Australian citizenship. The proposed changed announced on 20/4/2017, did not pass the Senate, meaning the Citizenship Act effective pre the 20/4/2017 proposed changed announcement, is still valid.