MARA migration agents do not just fill in the paperwork.
We bring to the case:
– experience & skills in dealing with similar cases;
– skills developed alongside our knowledge of the substantive law;
– understanding of the relevant legislation
– Knowledge re how a case can turn on a small detail;
– we are problem solvers, problem preventers,
– Knowledge re how to get to the desired outcome,
– we think analytically within the migration law context
– apply logic to the specific case,
– we distinguish between fact, inferences, presumptions, and assumptions,
– watch out for biases, prejudice, and fallacies.
– We know what case law underscores the specific matter,
– what to watch out for that can turn a straight forward case into a complex one
– we know the law, how to find the relevant legislation, how to interpret it & how it applies to the specific case.
– We know the legal processes,
– Know what must accompany the application for it to be a valid application
– Know how the criteria (time of application & time of decision) are satisfied, and
– we are trained in migration law, which is a post-grad degree.

Our team of qualified migration agents can provide the following services:

  • Advise on the best visa options available
  • Complete and lodge visa applications
  • Assist with merits review
  • Assist with complex visa applications
  • Assist with general job searches
  • Advise on skills assessments
  • Advise on sitting the IELTS test
  • Advise on settling in Australia
  • Understand the psychological and emotional processes of migrating to another country
  • Are proud of the individualised migration service we offer
  • Go that extra mile for our clients
  • Stay up to date with the latest changes in migration legislation

What to expect from your migration agent

What we can do

  • Analyse your specific circumstances and advise which visa options are available to you
  • Recommend which of the available visa options is best for your current circumstances
  • Advise on complexities of migration legislation
  • Prepare and lodge your visa application
  • Contact the Department of Immigration (DoHA) on your behalf (e.g. priority processing in limited circumstances)

What we cannot do

  • Guarantee visa outcomes
  • Cannot assist you in obtaining a visa if you do not satisfy the relevant criteria
  • Cannot speed up your application

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