Knowing which visa is the most appropriate is important. We offer a preliminary assessment of your specific circumstances after having scrutinized your resume and circumstances. The letter of advice is foundational to all migration decisions.

Skilled migration: all occupations relevant to skilled migration are on skilled lists, are assigned a skills level, skills assessing authority, ANZSCO code and specific ANZSCO tasks.

The skilled lists determine the visa options. However the skills level must be satisfied and if not, some visas in spite of certain skilled lists, may not be options.

Time of application criteria for most skilled visas are: skills, age, & language.

Skills: mean the person must have a positive skills assessment through the assessing authority or be exempted from a skills assessment.
Age: For most visas the main applicant must be under age 45 or have an age exemption
Language the main applicant must have minimum English scores (visa and occupation determine what those scores are, and whether academic or general English test)

  • Minimum exemptions apply for main applicants and only for certain visas.
  • Given Language is a time of application criteria, if the main applicant does not satisfy this criteria, the visa will be refused.
  • The 2nd instalment only relates to functional English level

Aged 45 and older

  • If you want permanent residency (skilled visa) and are aged 45 or older at time of visa application, you will require an age exemption.
  • That means having worked for a 457 sponsor for at least 3 years in the 457 nominated occupation, and having earned at least three FWHIT for each of the 3 years (was 4 yrs). Without this requirement for the age exemption, your PR skilled visa will not succeed (from 1/3/2018 legislation changes, so ask us for advice if the age ceiling applies to you).

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