Additional Notes:

From 16/11/2019 the sc491 replaces the sc489 visa.

  • Additional points may apply to sc491, examples:
    • 15 points for state/territory/ family sponsorship (was 10 points for sc489 visa)
    • 10 points for STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics);
    • 10 points for skilled spouse / de facto (skills assessment and competent English), or
    • 10 points for applicants without a partner/spouse (i.e. they are single)
    • 5 points if your partner has competent English


About the new sc491 & 494 visas

  • The sc491 visa replaces the sc489 provisional visa.
    • This visa will allow skilled workers and their family unit to live, work and study in designated regional areas for 5 yrs
    • After earning at least the TSMIT (currently at $53900) p/a, you will be eligible to apply for permanent residency through the sc191 pathway
    • You must be nominated by & be invited to apply by a state, territory or an eligible family member living in a designated area
  • ‘Regional’ Australia: everywhere apart from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane
  • You cannot apply for any other skilled visa or partner visa for 3 yrs
  • Incentives for migrations to stay in regional areas and build ties through community participation and workforce.

Which applies to you from 16/11/2019

  • Provisional sc491 (skilled work regional) visa sponsored by a relative living in a designated area / state / territory (see notes) (add 15 points) (additional points for partner/spouse or no partner/spouse)
  • Permanent state sponsored sc190 visa – requires state nomination (add additional points for partner/spouse or no partner/spouse.
  • Permanent Independent skilled sc189 (additional points for partner/spouse or no partner/spouse)